Groove Is In The Heart

This song is setting the mood for this outfit! The A-line stripped dress with the flared sleeves and the white pleather boots with the wooded heel detail, instantly throw me back to the groovy 70’s. So much vibrancy, optimism and revolutionary vibes!
What i like about the 70’s is how more minimal clothes were, more lightweight and yet flattering almost every body type. The 70’s was the era where it was ok for girls to look natural, flat chested, freckled, and unpolished. The focus was on the oversized shoes, the colorful fabrics and the shinny vinyls. Women could go for the androgynous style and wear their boyfriend’s bell pants and wide collar shirts or wear the A-line dresses that looked more like longer shirts.

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The Red Sweater

In contrast to last year’s “all white” obsession, this winter would be unbearable without vibrant colors. It’s been quite the european winter around Northern California with non-stop rainy days and East Coast-like cold. It took some long heavy rain weeks and literally tons of snow to officially take the legendary 5 year California drought out of the picture. I can’t forget that day in the car crossing the Bay Bridge during my daily commute to work when the guy on the radio goes: “The 5 year drought is over! We are back to normal”. I think that gave me a mini morning wake up stroke! The past 6 years I’ve lived in California has been all a big fat climate lie? Was the mild winters and endless sunny days abnormal?


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Last Minute Holiday Outfit


If you just realized that the Holidays are here and still trying to recover from the shock, don’t worry! You’re not the only one with a busy life and a casual wardrobe. No need to panic and go on a last minute shopping spree. Most of the times that doesn’t work. We end up spending on things that we don’t really need or they are our style. The reality is that no matter how much you have convinced yourself that there’s nothing in your closet for a holiday party, there’s always something you can pull.

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Coffee with Regina Chez Moi

One of my favorite things to do on a rare Sunday afternoon is hanging out at home with friends, cooking and chatting for hours! A few weekends ago Regina, a  new friend who moved to San Francisco from Mexico, came over to our apartment by Lake Merritt to catch up and hangout. Not only she is a super positive person but she’s also very creative. She studies Media & Communications at the Academy of Art University and came prepared for a little shoot on The Fashion Tub!

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