Brogue Shoes’ landing in US ground!


I’ve been waiting for the right moment to replace my old yellow Brogue shoes. After changing soles and insoles to my favorite pair of flat shoes with the unbeatable combination of super comfy-walkable and stylish, I realized that it was time for them to “retire”. After almost four years of constant use I can say that they served me and my outfits well. I could not ask for more. They naturally grew old; they lost their colorful freshness, their shape and their splendent skin. Back then, the Brogue shoes for the Office line in England had to be bright and colorful. Since I don’t live in their homeland any more I looked for their pictures online. I was expecting to find the exact same pair – that would have been a perfect replacement. Then, I came to the sad realization that time changes everything! Nothing could replace those yellow Brogue shoes. I had to accept that and embrace the new trend. And why getting the same shoes, from the same brand? Because they have the most ideal height of heel that allows me to wear them non-stop from day to night! And I am definitely positive that this black sleek patent leather pair of Brogue flats is going to be my next best friend for the office, my bike and my happy hour drinks! Thank you Office for being consistent with your Brogue shoes line and for creating the most stylish and comfortable shoes all in one! I ordered mine online and they made their way to their new home this week! I’m so thrilled to revive the old times with their fresh air of youth!






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