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It was a sunny Californian day and it was the perfect day for a road-trip with no destination to almost unidentified little towns! And just like I’ve said in the past, I like the magic that’s being created when combining old favorite pieces with new`οones! I am wearing my super comfy and soft cotton white dress from Sisley  that I have actually somehow managed to stain – but I don’t care because it is super cute and has this amazing quality of cotton that just feels right to my skin! The top is a thin “Mad Men” cozy sweater from H&M, the scarf is my mom’s gift from her trip to Syria and the swede boots are actually brand new, I got them online on sale and they fit great! I walk them everywhere and they have the perfect heel! They are not too casual yet not too formal; perfect for the office and the road trip! So, they say it’s not the destination that matters, but the journey, and to add to that I’d say it’s not the material staff but the experience that make ones life memorable!


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