Count the Shades of Gray

If you have been following by blog you probably know me well enough to know how much I like mix and matching, with an emphasis in mixing vintage with new items! This summer my aunt gave me this beautiful spaghetti strip top with silver and ivory leaves that kind of shimmer when in light. The top is all buttoned up until the hips and then it is loose an airy! I wear it a lot a work with my white kapri pants but that day we were going at a special even and wanted to fancy up a little. So I put it with my silver big pants and my baby blue sandals. The colors and textures matched perfectly creating a metallic hue but with glam and summer breeze. Very comfy outfit and yet elegant! It made quite the impression at the event -ha! By the way, loose pants and spaghetti strips are hot this season! This style is a little boho with all the layers and loose forms but more on the glam side!

Lots of thanks to my aunt who preserves the good stuff and passes them on to us! I would have never found that without her and I will make sure that I do the same!


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