Pinkis MYdress

I don’t like bragging and talking so much about my achievements. Growing though, and coming in peace with my self I came to realize that celebrating my talents and self-realizations isn’t going to make me more arrogant but happier! And there you have it! I am so proud and content for designing this dress!!!! I am amateur and mostly self-taught and never could imagined that I would be able to make a well-fitted dress for my self. I was good at making clothes for my Barbies when I was 7 but felt overwhelmed to the idea of learning how to use a sewing machine. Then, with my first adult money I got this Brother beast that does it all! I watched a bunch of DIY videos and read the manual a hundred times and managed giving shape to my creations.


Sewing is like drawing, exploring colors, playing with shapes and being so much in the zone that everything else around you kind of stays still on uninteresting. After almost two years of playing with this incredible tool that makes my designs come true I have worked on various projects and I have enjoyed it all the way. I have to admit; I give up when things are getting challenging. I take a break and go back to it weeks later. When it started I just wanted it to be an easy “sack” dress. I thought: all I’m gonna do is sew those rectangular pieces together. It all crashed down when I over did it with trimming the sleeves. Ah! I can’t pace my self sometimes. But that didn’t stop me much. What really turned me off was that I was trying to make it fit at the back. I was insisting in using one of my vintage buttons selection to close the back of the dress. And that’s because I didn’t want to make it complicated. It took me hours trying the dress on, asking Antoun to help me fit it with pins and taking pictures to see if it really fits (Antoun is very positive in giving feedback on my designs). So I left it hanging in my closet for a few weeks!


And then one day, when I finally found the time and mental stability I went back to it, sewed the back, hemmed it and realized that there is plenty of left fabric. At home I learned never to throw away any leftovers. So I started playing around with it and here come the fake sleeves! Honestly, I didn’t want to push back this dress a few more weeks especially since it was ready to be used. So I sewed up the sleeves after I pinned them on the mannequin and started taking pictures with it! The next day I put it on in the office and today, the first week of the year, I went out for the official shooting! What a thrill!!!!


The necklace was a perfect much for the styling,brought for Greece, courtesy of Alex Moussa. The watch is a vintage men’s watch bought in Lebanon a few years ago. The sunglasses are a Christmas extra bonus gift from the all time spiritual traveler ForkinBeast. The shoes deserve their own post I think! 😉



Now that I decided to get my blog to the next level I felt that this is my Karma! Starting this blogging year with my perfectly fitted self-made dress! Woohoo! I hope you guys like it! Share if you like, follow me on instagram and facebook. Spread the love!



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