Essentials for the weekend

If I was to choose anything I wanted for an stylish weekend this is how I would roll!

My essentials for a comfy yet stylish weekend comprise of denim, snickers, backpack and sunglasses. If you think about it, it sounds like high school. Denim because it is “pass-partout” -survives everything, sunglasses to handle the sun, snickers because that’s basically what teenagers call “shoes” and a backpack so that you can have your hand available to explore at all time.

Well, I am turning 30 this year and this is my time to put all those years of stylistic experimentation into place. I get to stay the same, just like most of my friends wished me on my birthday parties back at school, but add more garnish to it.

monki kilotte

Denim culotte is the hottest trend and my all time favorite just because they are elegant, yet very comfortable! They combine the cuteness of a skirt with the tomboy attitude of denim! So everything is kind of in the gray shades but I am adding some sparkle with the sunglasses and the shoes. The shoes I have them and they never disappoint me. Perfect for hours of walking and with their sparkle they stand out and they make a statement.backpack_blu_blu_1_large

The backpack is a new addition to my “Santa Claus list”. The quality of the materials as well as the manufacturing are impeccable! Not to mention the color – you will see this color happening everywhere very soon! Very elegant backpack that can fit all the basics you need to carry on while venturing in the city or the village.

If you don’t have all that though you are still aloud to revive your high school years! Why not?


Click on the following links to shop the items in this post: the bag, the glasses, the shoes, the culotte


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