The Flared Pants Rule

Want it or not, the flared pants are back and they will stay for a while just like they did when I was back at high-school. And that wasn’t the 70’s, alright? Well, this trend has been flirting us for the past couple of years and deep down I was hoping that I would be able to avoid it. Apparently, I wont. It is not my favorite silhouette and not what I consider easy to match with other items but, it does sparkle things up and flatters some body types. It is more romantic and it is definitely a good thing that this time around it comes high-waisted! Yes, you would probably need a tailor to adjust the length, unlike the skinny ones that they fit all. They will not match any shoe, as they will be tailored at a certain height and at some point you will get tired of them because they are just so big that you might feel like carrying your blanket with you all the time.

Since it is inevitable though and we do like it a bit I thought I ought to share with you some tips for better results!


If you have the Banana or Hourglass body type then you can pretty much wear any type of pants you want. If you like accentuating your waist you would prefer a very-high-waisted one if you are the Banana body type and if you are the Hourglass you would go for a mid to low waist option. In general, if you want to accentuate the bottom part of your body you would go for a patterned fabric. flaredbottoms-patterned-makemechic

For Pear body types the following options might work well. The big flare pants would make the bottom part look more light and proportional and flatter your thin waist. At the same time if you match it with the right top it would add volume to your shoulders and make everything look classy and proportional. I fall under this category slightly and I always try to show wider shoulders than I truly have 😉


For Pear body types you might want to try on of the options below. A cropped top and a mid or low-waist pair of pants would make the bottom part look more proportional. Another idea would be to have patterned pants that will add volume to the bottom part and a loose long top like the one below that would make your shoulders look narrower!


Well yes! Clothes work miracles! Not only they make you stay warm but they can also hide what you don’t want to show!


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