My One and Only Blue Dress

This is my mom’s dress. According to her it should be 35 years old!! And it is still alive!!! She got it from one of her trips to South-East Asia when she was a flight attendant and traveling all around the world. That dress that I never saw my mom wearing and which I must have put on twice is still alive and so contemporary so many years later. I remember that when I first saw it I was too short to wear it but I kept it as a good potential for when I grow taller! The first attempt was at a Greek equivalent to Halloween party when I was 11 and it was still too long. I remember stepping on it the whole time and feeling like suffocating in it but I knew it was the coolest costume in that party! As you can guess my idea was dressing up as a hippie! Looking back, I realize that I still care more about the dress than the party even though I love to party! A few years later and in a different city as a college student I revived the costume in an equivalent college party! Still leaving the hippy dream. In fact I have a picture of that party with my husband who back then was just a good friend! If you ask me I’ll show it to you.

And here we are in 2015 when I wear this dress in California and it feels so perfect! I don’t suffocate in it, it’s not fake, I’m not in a role. This is me walking around with Adonis in Oakland enjoying the first Fall leaves. It’s real. It has come back to life. It isn’t too long nor to creepy to wear this dress now. I have the right accessories to it and I know how to do my hair and make-up to fit. The blue dress that I have always kept with me and has travelled to the other side of the world with me with all these memories it has finally come to complete maturity!

Find your blue dress. Look in your mom’s closet or at a vintage store for the “one of a kind boho dress” that will become “you” and that will survive the trends and pass on to the generations!




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