Swedish Hasbeens – Break in the all star 

Last night I came home to these! I can’t even describe my excitement!Swedish Has-been-s always in my heart ❤  To me those are the all time-classic girly clogs! I think that what I like the most about them is that they remind me of the good old summer sandals but they offer the magic twist of super comfy heels. Wearing the Swedish Hasbeens is like wearing the Scandinavian culture! Simple and elegant designs, leather and wood! So simple, yet so rare to find.

I got the Super High Lacy Sandals  on my size exactly. I read lots of reviews before I ordered them and I was a little concerned about the size and whether they would fit me right. My size is 37 and I got them on a 37. They fit me perfectly!! Only thing is that you need to brake them in just like any other hand made leather shoe. And that is the magic with leather shoes; all it takes is patience and then they take the form of your feet. And for Swedish Hasbeens you know that they last forever! In my case, my feet are a little wider so all I had to do is take them to the shoe cobbler and stretch them on the sides. I have done this for many other shoes and it is such an easy and almost no cost way to go! Now, if your feet aren’t that much wider you can wear them around the house or even on outings with cute cotton socks! That way you will break them in without blistering.


When I first put them on they felt exactly the way I expected it! Soft and sturdy! I honestly started running around the house! Even though they are the Super High ones you feel like you’re on flats. They don’t wiggle and they also don’t feel stiff. Usually with clogs you get the sense that your feet are on cast and you can’t really bend them. But with Hasbeens it feels so natural! And I got the tan color so that I can wear them with anything! Plus, my skin tone is quite fair and I like when the shoes with stripes around the ankle are not contrasting so much with my skin tone. That way my legs look longer and slimmer.

On another super important note, wearing Hasbeens feels so ethical! They are a company with a strong cultural background on sustainability. Their shoes are all handmade with care from small factories who follow the traditional practices in shoe-making. So, by purchasing a pair not only do you create jobs but you also help to preserve the traditional ways of shoe-making. It just can’t get better than that!

Thank you Swedish Hasbeens for the most amazing gift!  I can’t wait for my trip next week to wear them with all my summer outfits!

They go from preppy 60′s style, to geometrical 70′s and to the wildest bohemian outfits!

Fashiontubers check out their site here and tell me which one you like best!


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