Cambodia meets Greece

Cambodia meets Greece

Two years ago we travelled to Cambodia and I was so thrilled that the most popular product of Cambodia is the traditionally woven silk! I have been waiting for inspiration and the right timing to make something worthwhile with this fabric. It is highly unlikely that I will travel again to Cambodia (even though I would love the opportunity) and thus I only had one chance to design something from this fabric. Why did I choose to use this delicate fabric to make my first shorts ever I don’t know! But it worked. I tried to do everything right this time. I picked the inner lining, I studied online and I made a pattern! And it fits! Just like any other garment that I make. I somehow make them fit! When I was finally done and thrilled with the shorts I started craving of a shirt. It took me a while to figure out the design but then I found it! There it was my outfit for Spyros’s and Lea’s wedding! I put it on without second thoughts and danced through the night! I have never felt more comfortable in my outfit on a wedding! hope this will become a habit and I will be wearing my own clothes more often!

So I thought to take a break from my summer vacation and share this with you! I promise I’ll be back with more pictures from Crete soon!


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