Fall comes in layers

We have officially entered Fall and even though it always feels like Fall in the Bay Area, this one is more special! It feels more like summer, which isn’t common AND the blog is counting over 5K followers in just half a year! I feel so grateful for all of you and for all the messages I have been receiving. I love it when you reach out and say hi!

So another week, another day at work. And when California treats us with those gorgeous sunny mornings it just sets my mode into color! I like to wear different outfits everyday and kinda going with my mood. So every day is different not only because it is as a fact, but also because I am wearing a different outfit reflecting my emotions.


As always, layering is key in North California. The day starts and ends chilly but it might get really nice and warm throughout the day. So this time I put on my new favorite white dress, the most colorful trench coat in my wardrobe that Adonis got me almost 7 years ago! I paired it with my super cute and comfy Swedish Hasbeens. The whole outfit is super comfortable and perfect for this kind of weather. I work by Hayes Valley and on sunny days I like to lay on the park and enjoy the sun.

Play along little birds! Keep having fun with your outfits!


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