Loutro my love 


There’s no way you get no view at Loutro. Just 15 minutes boat ride from Sfakia, hidden in a kind of a secret gulf, it could easily make my absolute summer paradise. And that’s because it has it all! At least all I need. No cars, no noise, no wind, no choices, awesome views, dreamy sky, incredible underwater landscape, amazing clarity, warm waters and friendly to my Hasbeens! You could easily turn into a fish and wander around the hidden underwater caves or play around with the rest of the fish or sea turtles of the “neighborhood”.

The village is primarily built for the tourists. It gets flooded during winter time and hardly anyone lives there. You can only access it by boat and there are no streets!!! You go from one side of the gulf to the other.. There are trails that can take you around the area but pretty much there’s only the village. And we liked that because we didn’t have to think much.. Only rest and play dress up with my clogs! Thankfully Adonis never gets tired of shooting my in my newHasbeens (now on sale by the way)!

The sea water was maybe the best I’ve ever witnessed! The most impressive of all was the clarity of the waters underwater. I could see as far as I can normally see on ground! And the variety of different types and levels of reefs as well as fish was also extreme! I couldn’t stay out of the water. One day we rented a kayak and we wandered around diving wherever we felt like, shallow waters, reefs, deep waters, we even found small rocky spots where we could “park” and climb around the rocks! Such a game!

The room, was also incredibly beautiful! Super simple and greek! All white and this surreal balcony with best view ever! In the morning you open the window blind just a tiny bit and you get stroked by the ravishing white light! In the afternoon when the sun starts setting everything gets quieter and peaceful, and at night you can see every single star on the sky! Romantic! Despite when the sun sets you can hear babies crying! 😆 So here’s how it goes, wake up – morning swim – lunch – nap – afternoon swim – Swedish hasbeens time – dinner – chilling at the balcony watching over the village and repeat!


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