Sun and Flowers

You probably have heard about South California and the never ending summer! Well, even though we are going through a drought problem over here due to this climate and I live in Northern CA, I can’t hide how much I like it that it is still summer over here! Usually summers in the Bay Area are drizzly and gloomy but this one is definitely a mood booster. Waking up every morning to a shining sun and being able to enjoy a warm night outside just makes me happier! Last Saturday was a just like that. I took a stroll to the neighborhood with Adonis and we stopped by the Farmer’s Market for our groceries. Heirloom tomatoes, nectarines and plums are on their prime right now and they are just delicious!

And then came the flowers! I wish we had a garden but in our apartment we can barely grow succulents. So a little bit of colorful flowers here and there just brings more life into our lives.


This dress is one of my favorites because it is very comfortable, covers a lot and yet is elegant and feminine! It is a contribution from my little sister! I somehow end up wearing it on the Farmer’s market almost every time. I just put it on with my Hasbeens and my hat and I am out of the house in style in just a few seconds. I get enough sun covering from the dress and the hat and lots of style from the clogs!

I hope you enjoy the little things in life wherever you are!


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