Before I fly off to warmer countries I wanted to share this with you. One of my favorite dresses, a long wanted red dress and a profound example of vintage treasures! I’ve been looking for a red dress for almost three years. Don’t laugh! To me red dresses are either red flags or ultimately feminine and chic. The border line though can be so thin. Most red dresses are trying to serve the last purpose but they fail. They are either too revealing, too tight, or they have the wrong fabric and color. I don’t know if you’ve noticed but there are so many variations of red; some of them too dark or too bright.

I think that vintage clothes are like a rare designer who make clothes that you can’t find when you need them. Fashion trends can be so limiting at times. Say you’re looking for a classic red dress and you can’t get it because red is not a trend for the past few years, or because the style now is backless fitted dresses. That leaves me with two options: either make it myself or go on a hunt in vintage stores!

Well, I tend to go vintage shopping first because it’s easier, and because I love vintage clothes! Halmoni Vintage is my “go-to” vintage store as you would know from previous posts.  One random day and there it was. I guess you know the rule in vintage shopping: “if you find it take it!” It’s not easy to find something that you like so much and that it happens to fit you perfectly! This is a Korean silk folding dress. So soft, looks like new and so easy to wear in any occasion. It’s so comfortable and so easy to put on that I don’t have to think twice. And a kind disclaimer: I only need this one red dress in my closet. I need no more! This isn’t yet another dress. This is The Red Dress! What I love is how Asian it is and of course that it’s made with natural fabrics! How rare is that nowadays? There’s no zipper, only four buttons/hooks and even though it’s closed up it moves so nicely when you walk around!


I put that on to Denise’s bachelorette party the other day which was in an Asian club-restaurant! I paired it with yellow accessories to make it fresh and summery! White or blue could be another option!

Many thanks to my friend Myrto for the awesome purse and of course to Natasha from Halmoni for helping me pick and for my new favorite earrings!

Next post is coming up from Lebanon! Stay tuned!


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