Getting Ready for Halloween!


Halloween is just around the corner and this time I want to be prepared! I say “this time” because no matter how much I love playing dress up and transforming into different characters, every year I end up coming up with a last minute plan. I always find staff in my closet to work around a scenario and I really enjoy this creative aspect of it but sometimes it is nice to ask yourself “what is that you really want” and work around that plan. The truth is I despise the actual costumes; the ones you buy the whole thing in a packet. To me it kills the fun of creating your own outfit and it looks so fake. Especially when you dress up after a movie character; to me that’s an excellent opportunity to style myself and have fun with it!

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Every year I am juggling between a funny ugly character or something prettier or more fashionable. I have never done the sexy fantasy ones. However, this year I think I am getting closer to that! I feel like making a change to my hair for a long time now – maybe 10 years – but that’s a huge decision for me! So the other day I got this pink wig and thankfully enough it fits me well J I look good in it! So I came up with this idea of Natalie Portman in the movie “Closer” where she is a dancer and sad. Yes, she is sad and the movie is sad and I guess I like that along with the pink wig! It’s a nice combo! And that makes it officially to be my first option! I wouldn’t put it on with what she is wearing in that scene because she is almost naked but I was looking for something shinny that would remind the scene. If I make it to order all these staff in time then that would be the sexiest costume I have ever worn!

My second option is what I did a couple of years back: a granny-nerdy style! I put on my mom’s old flower dress, my fake glasses, cute socks, two pony-tails and the amazing fake teeth that do all the work!


The decision is on you! Pick and choose and if you like, let me know what you think I should wear!

Click here to shop the outfits above: the romper, the pink velvet boots, the sleeveless dress, the silver boots


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