Russian river – The sanctuary

One of my favorite places – if not my favorite – is the Russian River in Sonoma! I found out about the hidden spots of this place a couple of years ago. I asked a couple of friends who told me about it and then researched online for pretty much anything interesting in that area other than wine tasting. Sonoma county or else “the wine country” is known for the wineries and the natural beauty of it. The first time we went there it was my birthday present to Adonis! It was early in the Spring and all we could do was eat, hike and taste wines.

As boring as it sounds, little did it have to do with that. Picking the right route through the villages and just driving around, passing through the vines, apple orchards, meadows and  huge redwoods is true magic! We passed through every little village and each one of them is so different and unique. The place has a lot of history to it and culture!

I wanted to see the river. A friend had told me how pretty it is and I pictured it so differently than what I found. Thankfully enough the river is not a touristy loud place. It is pure and amazingly beautiful! At the time we couldn’t go kayaking yet, but we went back when the time was right!

Going down the river is the deal! The beauty of it and the wild nature around it are just breathtaking.  It soothes my soul being surrounded by tranquil water and vast greenery! Coming from Greece, and growing up next to the beach, rivers where always underrated. The first time I enjoyed swimming in non- sea-waters was at the Russian River! That’s my new comfort place!

This time was even more special because we had a fun company and there was so much laughter involved! Not to mention that I was able to use this new cool weather app (sunshine) that gave me the most accurate forecast for the exact location we were at. I knew exactly what to expect and what to pack. It made it so much easier especially since I was organizing this and everyone was asking me what to bring and how to pack!

If you are around don’t miss out on this amazing place! And remember that the magic combo is good friends, good gear and a good weather forecast.


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