Getting Cozy at home

It was about time for Fall to show its face! It came around after Halloween but it is never late for some cozy moments. In California we don’t get much of that; so when it’s cool and “refreshing” for others, for us here is heavy cold! Perfect time to pull my heaviest sweater out of the closet, get myself a hot tea and my new favorite record playing!

This Zara sweater is becoming my favorite because it is so comfy on the sleeves and super soft and fuzzy! I am not a sweater person. I like to dress lightly and when I remember the times I had to wear sweaters to go to school under my heavy jacket, I just want to cry. I was suffocating, but it was the only way to fight the cold and humidity. It is so annoying when to keep yourself warm you have to feel uncomfortable the whole time.


Well, this sweater has a log of wiggle room to feel comfortable and is extremely soft! It doesn’t feel itchy and it stays quite breathable. It feels like being in bed or in a loving hug! The turtle neck is also very soft and fuzzy. If I don’t want it all the way up I can pull it down to get a different style. I also love the colors and the patterns on it! As you can see, I added very minimal jewelry, just those tiny earrings I got from Rocksbox. I wouldn’t add anything else to it – not even a scarf. I don’t want too much “noise” there.

The pants are also cozy and seasonal! Jacquard patterns that change color depending on the lighting. Reminds me a bit of British country homes and scone time! I think that this luxurious fabric along with the knit make the outfit festive yet cozy! I would totally wear this outfit for Thanksgiving! It is comfortable, stylish, a little bit eccentric and luxurious! Not a typical outfit but definitely special!


The shoes are my latest addiction! This style is so “hot” right now! Simple, functional, comfortable, stylish, and sharp. They are flats with thick bottom, therefore extremely comfortable to walk and warm. The luster and the silver shiny detail makes them even more special! They are my go to solution when I want to look sharp at work or when I go out and I can’t wear high heels.

This style can easily be broken down into pieces, and match the sweaters with your jeans or a mini skirt, or the pants with a nice satin white shirt and the shoes with pretty much everything!

And of course, the music! Get into the mood with Menex’s debut album! If you like Vangelis or Jean Michel Zarre you are going to love this one!


I like playing mix and match!


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