Thanksgiving time



I have been waiting for the right weather for this outfit and here it is! It is finally cold and windy and gloomy; I hear it calling for knits and layers and wool!!! Moving here after England I gave most of my warm wool stuff away. I never enjoyed dressing up heavily but when it’s freezing out there what other options do we have? Of course I would never through away my mom’s 100% wool culottes from the 70’s! I have always loved wearing it because it fits me so nicely. “A” line and high-waist never fails to flatter a female body!

The other big vintage piece here is the purse – obviously! You don’t see many Dior purses like this anymore. And you guessed it right – this is also my mom’s! Super old but so pretty! I can’t say it is the most practical purse but it works well for a casual evening out and it fits my I-phone! Who would have thought that a little over 30 years ago bags where designed to only fit some money and your lipstick.

Pretty much everything on this outfit is old. The shoes, the tights, the coat and the top. The only thing is new is the jewelry! To me old clothes are like comfort food. Especially when they are my old clothes and I have been wearing them for years in different outfits. Little did I know a year ago that my clothes would be featured in my blog! It is a great feeling to bring my creativity in this cyber space. To connect with all of you who follow me and share my talent and passion. I wish for everyone to try and do that. Being able to express myself in this personal way is a huge relief!


So, I know this outfit looks a little old, but it is dear to my heart! The shoes in fact are the first high-heel shoes I ever got on my first year of college and they were my dad’s gift! The coat I got it on our wedding trip to Crete and the tights are a farewell present from my friend Mimi when I left to go to England for my Master’s Degree! And this is just a piece of the story for this outfit.


For those of you who are celebrating Thanksgiving, I wish you have an awesome time and that you take a moment to think of all the things that you are thankful for. All those things that you have accomplished and for all those who helped you!


And I thank you for being with me on this journey! It is great to feel that what I do has a tiny bit of impact to some!!!


See you soon!



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