Naughty is the New Nice

Christmas is just around the corner and like many other consumerist beasts I started going through the web to find cute yet useful material things. Whether you are writing to Santa or being generous to your friends you might like these ideas! When I “open my wallet” I want to believe that it will be an action of great value; something useful, special and of good quality. And I keep reminding to myself that shopping for others will make me happier than shopping for myself! Really, I mean it! If you want to think the same way check out this awesome ted talk on how to buy happiness. Then come back to my post 🙂

I like to think that gifts are symbolic and thus need to be timeless. How many wooden bow ties can one have? And well, with red lipsticks it is not the same – I can’t have just one, but this particular color I picked seems so perfect and rare to me! I also know that probably whoever owns a couch or a bed, has a couple of pillows to go with it, but my theory is that pillows are never enough! They can re-style the entire place and become your best friend when they’re fuzzy and soft!

I could easily see all these gifts going to one house! New Year Eve, drinking iced eggnog from the Moscow mule cup, playing cards till the morning, and leftovers with these awesome artsy flatware on the edges of the table. Not to mention that I would totally wear this “virgin snowy” apron and not bother to take it off because it is my new lucky charm! Ha, back to me again!!! By the way not many people use aprons anymore, but a fancy one can get you back to the kitchen! And last but not least the leather weekend bag; one of my favorite classic accessories. Not to mention that it looks so hot on men.

I hope you have twice as many friends to spend these holidays – that would be a real blessing!


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