JShoes + a Giveaway 

It’s this time of the year to share loving feelings and show our gratitude to one another! It’s time to get cozy and look after the ones we love. Not that we shouldn’t be doing that all year around, but this is a good reminder to pause and think! What better timing to share with you guys an awesome Giveaway with JShoes. Probably the shoes that I wear the most in my posts! I guess this is my humble way to Thank you for your support and enthusiasm through this awesome blogosphere journey!

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The first time I fell in love with JShoes was when I got those beige suede boots that you have seen me wearing plenty of times. I had been looking for a skin tone ankle boot for so long and nothing fitted my requirements. And by requirements I mean unique design, high quality, a color that would fit my skin tone, and the cut on the ankle length that would not make my ankles disappear. I think that’s the trickiest one; when you are not too tall, and your ankles aren’t that slim, there is huge chance of ankle boots “cutting” your  legs in half and making your calves look square. I fall under this category and that’s why I wanted something that would make my calves look longer and curvy. Plus, the boots had the perfect height on the heel! So I got my first pair of JShoes online, I took the risk and never regretted it!  I was amazed by the quality of the shoe. It is made just like they used to make shoes back in the day. When shoes were meant to last for a lifetime!

This winter we “went steady” with JShoes! I got to meet their awesome crew and try the warm and comfy Dorado ankle boot (wearing in the pictures)! I rarely enjoy wearing flat shoes because my heels hurt if the heel height is not right or the structure of the sole is off. Dorado boots are so comfy though! Perfect for long cold days in the city. They have an extra warm lining inside and their sole is extremely comfortable! I am particularly fond of brogues and oxford style shoes and I want to look sharp during the day. I can’t tell you how much I enjoy wearing them every day at work! They keep my feet warm and I can walk for hours!

What I love about JShoes is that they are designed in England! The styles remind me so much of my life back in the UK. Where every person needs to look sharp and stylish and thus shoes have to combine elegance and practicality! The leather they are using is extremely soft and durable at the same time and the designs are made to fit and to endure. The Dorado Oxford boot for example has a special rubber under-sole to insulate from the cold and to avoid slipping when streets are wet! All those details is what makes the difference!


So, go ahead and enter the giveaway to win a pair of your choice worth over $200! And don’t forget that JShoes also offers a big selection of super stylish men’s shoes! This could be a gift to you or your friends!

****ENTER HERE: https://promosimple.com/ps/8c5a ****


With love from us to you!
P.S. Make sure to check them out on instagram and facebook. And of course, please SHARE!


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