2015 – What a Year!

2015 was the bomb!!! I changed two jobs, launched the blog, took a Fashion class, designed clothes, and published several fashion articles at fesjen.com !!! And on a personal note things were not bad either! I traveled to Lebanon to see my family after a long time, was lucky enough to attend two weddings of good friends and took a longer vacation to enjoy my family in Greece!!!

Capture 2

I am so thankful to all the people who are next to me and support me; my husband, all the awesome friends in the US and Greece and of course my family! Last but not least, I am thankful to all of you who follow the blog and stay in touch with your feedback and sweet comments! If it wasn’t for this rapport that we have built I wouldn’t stay so focused on this blog. I feel that we grow together and the more I hear from you the more I get motivated!

2015 was definitely a year full of positive surprises! It was the last year of my 20’s and definitely brought me many steps closer to my life goals and talents. I am always excited when the year changes! And I couldn’t be less excited now. In 2016 I will join the “mature life” of the 30’s and I feel so ready for it! I can’t wait to see how this year is going to be like!

So here we are, with the last post for 2015! In our brand new website, with a brand new lens for my old camera and lots of creative vibes!

See you in 2016 lovelies!  




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