2015 Favorite Moments

2015 was one of those times that I can’t complain of. I felt like time was long enough to do all the things I wanted and even more! Maybe I wanted to write more on the blog and I didn’t but I blame this on me šŸ™‚ This year the plan is to hear from me more! I remember how I used to write on style tips and shopping moreĀ and you liked it and I know I haven’t been doing it much this past year! I’ll keep my promise this time šŸ™‚

Looking back in 2015, I realized that we did it all more or less…Summer vacation in Greece, met my family in Lebanon,Ā Ā made theĀ long due road-trip to LA, and spent a day inĀ Russian riverĀ ! And apart from the travels for the first time we had plenty of photoshoots in the blog! May favorite was the vintage one with my mom’s blue dress!

This year we had 4 giveaways and I want to work hard to bring more to the blog! If you have ideas for research and topics you would like me to discuss just shoot me a quick note!

Back to work now! See you soon




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