Walking Down The Aisle


Yesterday was a happy day! I was invited to our friend’s wedding at the City Hall. A wedding on a Wednesday at 3 pm! As odd as this may sound it is fun how when love is involved, everything becomes so simple. I love weddings! I think it’s the magic few moments when the loving feeling between the couple spreads in the room and electrifies the energy around them! Why I get so nervous and excited about it even when I’m not the bride, I don’t know. All I know is that the more I know the couple that’s getting married the more I get this funny feeling.


I have devoted several posts to wedding outfits for guests but I think this is a first one on a City Hall wedding on a weekday 😊 The overall concept is to be fancy, look sharp, keep your style up but avoid being overdressed. Details such as make up, colors, shoes, hair or tights are crucial! The way I see it, is like going to a job interview but adding a little fun to it! You can’t be too “exposed” when in the City Hall, or sparkle from a distance. A fitted dress, a fancy suit or a shirt would look great!

I put on my new cute leather skirt, my velvet ankle boots and the tiny little sparkle on the necklace and it felt so me and so festive! I was up on my little pink cloud and ready to share the luuuve!



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