Elizabeth Suzann: Natural-Timeless-Unique

I often times mention my mom’s vintage in my posts; in fact there is hardly ever any outfit post without a vintage piece or something that I have been wearing for years and is connected to a memory. I like buying new things and freshening up my wardrobe and style but I can’t do just that. The value in personal objects such as clothes and accessories can be more sentimental than aesthetic. I believe that that happens over time. When I have one coat and one silk scarf, or one raw silk top that I wear several times and when I bought it I knew it was one of a kind not just for its timeless style but also for its quality, there is more about it than its looks. It means that it can endure in time, stay current and is classic. There is value into things that are as special and useful at your 20’s and remain as unique on your 50’s.


Despite of how tempting it is to shop the trends in low prices, there is so much more sentimental investment in shopping one or two items a year that is made with care and vision. Elizabeth Suzann’s line is one of that kind. Designed and manufactured in Nashville Tennessee with natural fibers and classic designs, this brand has a vision! I was drawn to it by the simplicity of the designs, the clear lines and earthy tones. The garments look chic, timeless and comfortable. The brand is making a very clear statement on deviating from excessive consumption of fashion and gearing towards quality, practicality, durability and elegance. I am definitely down for that!



I love the color pallet in this line, the elegance of pastels and white and the simple lines that are extremely comfortable and elegant! I guess that’s definitely my mood lately. I am in the pursuit of comfortable yet stylish clothes that I can wear for hours. The more I look for that, the more I find it is lacking. What do you say?


You can shop the items on the pictures here: picture 1-Florence Pant , picture 2 – Holland Pant,  picture 3 – Louise Sweater


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