Dressing up for Super Bowl



Last Sunday was a glorious day! After a long rainy period the skies got tired of raining and they made some space for my friend – the sun. I was determined to do this photoshoot and waited for the perfect time to shoot. I think I told you in previous posts how excited I am that I bought this new 50mm lens from my camera that supposedly is “the tool” for fashion bloggers. I love the blurry effect on the close-ups where everything else at the back is kind of blurry and the fact that I can set it up manually and get the light that I want! Of course Adonis is my photographer and I put him on a new task right when he had mastered the art of I-Phone photography. Now his next challenge is to figure out the frames and the settings, not to mention the focus. The last one is the hardest because in our lens it is manual and the farther I go the harder it gets for him to focus accurately. He’s not where I want him to be yet (LOL) but he is a fast learner and very patient!


On Sunday we met our friend Tasos and we had a long walk in his neighborhood – the Embarcadero Area and the North Beach. It was the weekend where everything was setting up for the big event of the town: Super Bowl! This is the 50 years of Super Bowl and the city is already “sinking in” from overflowing tourists. We walked all the way down to Pier 39, we got hungry and a little too distracted by the thousands of tourists and that’s when we called a Lyft to the rescue. In just a few minutes we were in “Tasosland”, the North Beach, asked for healthy salad and Tasos delivered to our expectations!



By the time we had finished our salads and covered our discussion topics I realized that it was the perfect time for the shoot. This one was so much fun!! It was running from one sidewalk to the other and posing in the middle of the street and then back again. All the people were passing by and stopping behind Adonis to wait for the shot, they were tourists and they had all the time of the world to wait. So I was kindly telling them to ignore us and keep going because obviously it would take forever!!



It wasn’t an easy shoot but I wanted to share with you this outfit, because it is comfortable and stylish at the same time! I wear this to work and don’t hesitate to go to a networking event after. These JShoes ankle boots are my new gem! I can walk around the city and feel great. They offer a little bit of height so that you get the “lady-like” feeling, they are comfortable and very sturdy and they are bronze – not brown. That makes a difference. Their shimmery brown texture is so special. The pants are also very comfortable and what I especially like about them is that they are high-waisted. That helps with highlighting my curves just where I need it; on the hips, and making my waist slimmer. The flared top is shorter on the front and at the back it is longer and that covers the gap on the side between the waist and my thighs. The result of this is long slim legs, slim waist and nice proportional curves!


Here’s what you need to “make” your outfit (click on the words to get to the links):


Well, get ready for long nights after work; This is Super Bowl!!! 






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