3 Outfits for 3 girls on “V” Day


This post goes to all the girls out there regardless of their relationship status. Whether you are dating your best friends, yourself, your husband, your boyfriend or a cute guy you met through Tinder, you still owe it to yourself to never look down on you! Not a big fan of Valentine’s day myself, I can’t leave a dressing up opportunity escape me. And because I know how many of you are going out that night I wouldn’t want to disappoint you. To stay true to myself though I am not giving up to all the “heart and redness” neither to the gift exchanging delirium. I say, the best gift for love is no reservations to love! Trust me on this one.


the best gift for love is no reservations to love


If we can put all girls in three categories – utterly impossible, I think that the outfits I styled for you below would work magic! Imagine you on a night out and try to mix and match depending on the occasion and I guess, to what you have in your closet. I believe that you all have a pair of jeans, a “little dress” of any color, and your granny’s slip dress (not really). A lot of the outfits I put together include items that you can find in second hand stores or your mom’s closet. You don’t necessarily have to go shopping in order to get yourself dressed for a date.

My best advice is this: Don’t dress to impress – Dress to make yourself feel comfortable



The Sexy but not slutty Outfit one

The slip dress is my all-time favorite for a hot date. Not short, not elaborate, super simple and yet so sexy. With the fur coat and the sandals you will stay as warm as it gets and let your personality shine from this natural simplicity. What I like about this dress is the feeling of pure silk, the flawless image of it and the fact that you can wear it with your sneakers instead of the high-heels if your thing is a long city walk. Only hint of Valentine is the red sandals!


Don’t dress to impress – Dress to make yourself feel comfortable



The unconventional one

Say you don’t like Valentine’s day and you are not the cute girly type but what’s the harm of going out for a drink on a Sunday? Don’t make it a big deal, dress down a bit to make an impression on “V” day. Put on your sexy jeans, your leather jacket and this cool necklace and enjoy being the outsider. Oh and the red clutch? Just say it happened to be only one you had around.


The cutie pie one

Now this one is for all of you sweet Valentines who want to celebrate this day without any resentment! Get your red little dress out of your closet and live the dream with those cute heart gloves. And if you are not traditionally following this day, this outfit will definitely get you in the mood for a special night. If you don’t have a red dress, any other “little dress” would do to create a cute girly outfit that would flatter almost any body type!


What do you think?


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