Spring Baby Steps



I get so excited with the first hints of Spring! This past weekend was so bright and warm, the perfect calling for a different outfit.Think about it as a game: you start your day and you have to let your mood take you to a new adventure! You have to be prepared! For me, it was a day to celebrate the sunshine after a long period of rain. I put on my new jeans culottes and my flared polka dot baby blue blouse and hit it off for a day in the city. This time we wandered around Hayes Valley in San Francisco, we passed by the main street with all the shops and then we headed up the hills to the beautiful streets with the cute houses.

This outfit is semi new and what I love about it, is how comfortable it is. The culottes are semi-rise and wide enough to allow uber comfort! They are jeans but because they are white and they have a crease they look fancy enough to go to the office. The only downside here is you need to be extra careful if you take those to the park-for the obvious reasons. The top is from my favorite Greek brand, a little boho and a little Lolita added some cuteness to this casual outfit.  Extremely silky soft and airy, perfect for a warm and breezy day!


Alternatively, you can dress this outfit up by wearing heeled sandals and a colorful sleeveless overcoat. I would avoid adding anything major black to it as I think that the black and white combinations can come off as really harsh. I would try an all white outfit though as that’s my new addiction!

You can find the outfit inspiration here: culottes, blouse , shoes


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