The Right Attitude for a Birkin Bag

A few months ago I took up a new role that I am so excited about! I started writing for, a high-end fashion magazine.  Writing on fashion trends and styling tips can be fun and very inspirational at the same time. I will be sharing my work with you along the way hoping that you might enjoy my styling tips and perspective in Fashion.


This article on the Birkin Bag is one of my favorites and I was so inspired by Jane Birkin when I wrote it. This legendary bag is as classic as the Parthenon in the world of Fashion. You can find the real one a bunch of knock-offs from other famous brands or no name Asian factories. My advice it to go “rock” and not preppy with this bag; do it like Jane!


The Hermes Birkin Bag

Hermes Birkin Bag – Everett Collection / Shutterstock.Com

If you are going to carry the Birkin bag do it in style just like Jane! The Birkin bag is not just like any other bag and not so much for the design of it or the quality but for its historical significance. Of course it is made with top materials and technology but what makes it the “It” bag is the hippy Jane Birkin. The 70’s hottest girl who was either spotted carrying a straw basket as her purse or the Birkin bag. Jane, a total hippy almost anticomformist young actress and singer based in France was definitely a trend-setter of her times. Deviating from the glamorous Hollywood style she adopted a more minimal and natural style, rarely wearing any make up or shinny clothes. She was a mini dress and bell pants girl living life like a true bohemian!

It was then when she was flying next to Hermes’s chief executive, Dumas where her straw basket fell off with everything in it and she was on the floor picking up her stuff and thinking out loud “why is there no bag that can keep all my stuff in place”. And that was when Dumas who was then “writing history” with the Grace Kelly bag, realized that things could be more practical for busy-travelling girls. The Grace Kelly bag was a total classic piece back then, resembling the Hollywood glamour of the 60’s. But it was not practical. Hermes added compartments and little pockets inside this big bag offering more safety and organization making it more appealing to the modern woman. Jane Birkin’s name has ever since been directly associated with the Birkin bag – the modern version of the Kelly bag!

Hermes Birkin Bags


‘birkin’ bag 32cm

birkin’ handbag


Jane Birkin introduced a new chapter in the high-end fashion industry. The once “Kelly iron bag” now became something more earthly and relatable to common people and not just celebrities. Jane Birkin was never a diva. She did not change her style to carry this bag. She added stickers and pins to it to make it her own accessory. She used it all the time and the more it was getting worn out the more priceless it was becoming. The Birkin bag is an all-time classic and we need to carry its legacy along the generations without spoiling it. When you get yours, treat it like Jane did. Make it your best friend, your companion, match it with all your outfits and don’t worry if it loses its shine because it will never lose its spirit!




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