Spring Comes with an Outfit Contest


The spring has sprang! Watching the trees timidly starting to get greener and the flowers bloom is such a joy, mostly because to me that means that summer is coming. Taking a walk at the park after a short period of rain can be so uplifting. When the trees and the grass is wet I feel that the connection to our natural environment gets stronger. Lots of little trickling sounds, natural smells and clean air that takes all your stresses away.


My new favorite spring dress is my  mom’s old flower dress. For some reason I have kept this dress in my closet for many years after my mom asked me if I wanted it or if she should give it away. Never give away a dress with satin underlining! So I kept it out of appreciation of those old times when dresses where made to last for several lifetimes, even though I didn’t like so much the flower pattern that was going on. I used it a couple of times to put together a Halloween costume and a couple of other times in a very inappropriate setting that really made me look as virgin bookkeeper. And then one day at work one of my Fashion students told me how she is in a hunt for vintage “granny dresses” to up-cycle them by adding studs and chains. I instantly thought of my mom’s dress  that I had forgotten in the back of my back closet. I promoted it to my everyday closet and started wearing it at work with my silver biker jacket and my JShoes ankle boots.

Details on entering the contest at the bottom! 


That day at the park I was going to a baby shower and wanted to make it look sweeter and less edgy and so I paired it with my cardigan coat and my velvet boots. The trick to this dress is the waistline. The elastic on the waist is worn out and so I put this purple leather belt that Adonis got me on a Christmas present and it adds a little bit of color and contemporary taste to it and it holds it where it is supposed to be.

never give away a dress with satin underlining


A biker’s leather jacket and ankle boots or suede boots would look great with this outfit. I wouldn’t wear it with a traditional coat or blazer as it would make the whole look “grannier” than it is. And to be safe I wouldn’t mix too many colors. On the outfit at the park I played with gray tones. Even the belt has gray in it and that’s why it doesn’t come off as too strong. Another idea would be to top it with a sweater instead of a jacket or coat and your tennis shoes, or sandals.





The Styling Contest 

Can you find a granny style dress and style it so you make it look modern? If you don’t have one check in your grandma’s or your mom’s closet! You can experiment with my suggestions above or show us your own ideas. Inbox me at laurmoussa@gmail.com your picture wearing the outfit, by the end of next week Monday 14th and I will share the best three outfits to my social media!


Let’s play and be creative. Inbox me know if you have any questions.


I am so excited about this contest – can’t wait to see your pictures!!!



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