Celebrate Your Body 2016

“Consters Inc.” intersects craft, community, and a warm street style into a wide range of hand-knitted accessories 

Last Saturday’s turnout to Celebrate your Body Fashion Show was an absolute success! The Oakland Asian Culture Center was literary packed with people who were there to celebrate their body and beauty in all forms. It was a unique experience; not like a typical Fashion Show. The crowd was cheering at the models and the designers. There was a lot of enthusiasm, a very friendly and open environment and absolutely no judgment! It felt like a big party surrounded by love and happy faces!


The magic about it was how there was no limitation to the gender, or the race or the body shape of the models who were wearing them.


“De Watasenia” is a slow fashion brand aiming to make sustainable fashion more exciting, eccentric, and accessible. 

I love the backstage action! I couldn’t resist myself from not taking a sneak peek on the preparations before the show. I was amazed by all the vibrant colors, the creativity, the quality of the garments and the amazing makeup that was going on backstage. Everybody was enjoying the process and the models were posing for me every time I was pointing my camera at them; I was ecstatic!


I felt that I belonged.




The show had it all: tailored suits, knitwear, shoe design, cosplay, vintage and many more. The magic about it was how there was no limitation to the gender, or the race or the body shape of the models who were wearing them. And they definitely owned their outfits! They danced and walked so comfortably in their outfits with incredible confidence. I felt that I belonged. I could see beauty in everyone’s eyes and huge smiles and I could see confidence and acceptance in the model’s body language. It was not an ordinary Fashion Show, it was a valuable experience, a cohort of real people!

Special kudos to the designers and curators :


And of course to Kearny Street Workshop for organizing!


Thank you for inviting! I will surely come back next year!

” A Red Feather” strives to bring geek fashion to plus-size nerds by incorporating cosplay and fashion together to create one fun fusion 


“Fashion Penpals” showcases and shares fashion for every size, shape, and income. 
“THUY Custom Clothier” specializes in personal styling and custom design for butch-identified, queer women, and the transgender community. 

4 thoughts on “Celebrate Your Body 2016

  1. Hi Laura! Thank you for coming and documenting the beautiful and fun night! 🙂 Lovely photos! Would love to do a lookbook thing for my knits with photographers and bloggers like you! Let me know if you’re interested at all!


  2. Thank you for the post!! AH! I am glad you enjoyed yourself! I am the designer behind A Red Feather. Since the show, I have changed names and my website has changed as well (redfeathersclothing.com) just in case people are trying to find me I am no longer at that link.

    Also, the photo you have me credited under is actually not my work! I wish I could take credit for that cool makeup but alas, I cannot! My stuff was the Disney Villains line (Ursula, Queen of Hearts, Maleficent, Dr. Facilier, Cruelle DeVille).


      1. I am mostly on Twitter and Instagram right now (my site is down until I rebrand) I’m gwendolynalysse on both Twitter and Instagram!


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