The 10 Commandments of Curly Hair

If you are one of those women with beautiful super-puffy curly hair, you probably remember how odd and different you looked among other kids at school. I remember my friends making fun of my hair or looking at it as if it was the weirdest thing they’ve ever seen. And later on, as a teenager, boys would tell me they liked my hair better when I had them tamed with tons of gel and I would look more wet than the “90’s wet look” itself.  As I grew older I got tired of trying to tame them and now my curls have really become my thing. Somehow I get way more compliments now, than I used to, that I almost forget how concerned I was about my curls while growing up. I can tell you… having curly puffy hair is fun, but it is not easy!

So here are ten things that you curly-haired beauties have mastered, that others have no idea about:

  1. All this volume around your face sometimes is just TOO much!

It is fun to have bouncy stuff moving up and down while you walk, or play with your curls during a boring meeting, but some days all this drama around your face is just annoying. The first day after a shower curly hair are such a breeze, but two days later it’s just a mass that won’t obey you. You wake up and they are all over your face. You sit at your desk and you pull them back or tack them behind your ears and then you realize that your ears aren’t big enough to hold this hairy mass.

  1. It takes a lifetime to figure out the products

Growing up with big curly hair I remember how hard it was to figure out what’s the best product for my curls. Curly hair is a minority in the hair world and thus specialized products are only a few. That is ironic because there are so many more different types of curls compared to straight hair, but yet there are more products for straight hair (weird…). I have tried so many different combinations of conditioner and leave-in conditioner, gel, mousse, serums and many more to find the perfect formula for my curls. It can get pricy and very specific to the point that when you travel, your magic formula has no power anymore. Weather conditions need different products.

  1. New hairstyles are a huge risk

My regular hairstyle change is cutting my hair two fingers short. It needs to be that specific because shorter than that my hair will lose weight and they will look double as shorter. Personally, I never had a good hairstyling experience and I ended up learning how to cut my own hair. Many times I dream of getting myself a super short haircut but I always end up giving up to the idea as I am addicted to my full body hair. Other times I tried to get a fancy hairstyle at a salon and apparently the hairdressers tend to start by straightening your hair in order to style them. This is a fundamental issue. I understand it as most hairdressers have super limited experience with curls.

  1. People think you are wild and passionate

There are many stereotypes that go around people with curly hair. Most people expect you to be wild-spirited and very sexual. I don’t know where that comes from but I guess I haven’t watched “that” movie.

  1. Wanting to be like you

Oftentimes people will look at your curls and go like: “You have beautiful hair; my hair is just like yours, but I don’t let them be”. This is like saying: “I have an awesome body, like yours, but it you can’t see it right now”. It is just awkward. We appreciate any compliment but indirectly asking for one from a stranger is just weird.

  1. Think you want to have straight hair

Other times people with straight hair will compliment on your curls and the next minute they will say how “grass is greener on the other side” and they expect you to agree. Sorry, but I’ll pass… I love my curls and I don’t have dreams of having straight hair.


  1. Can’t wear beanies or hats

One of the most annoying things is when fashion trends don’t follow your hair’s abilities to adjust. I tried and tried to find the perfect beanie that will fit all this volume on my head. But it looks like my hair is suffocating and it seems disproportionally big under the beanie. Something like the Black Panthers.

Another big trend this past year was the boho hats. I had to find one of the biggest felt hats in order for my hair to look smaller than the hat. It can work but it takes so much effort!

  1. Blow dry is a nightmare

Fizziness is a sworn enemy to curly hair. Air conditions have more power over curls than anything. To blow dry curly hair it takes a detailed strategy with several anti-frizz and moisturizing ingredients and of course a mastered technique. If all the above have been neglected, chances are you will look just like you had an electric shock and would be funny, too!

  1. Your hair is like a neon sign for people to find you

If you have friends with big curly hair you probably guessed what I mean. Among a crowd of people with the typical hairstyles it is so easy to locate a big frizzy head. Different texture and so much volume are not easy to miss. Incognito for people with curly hair means no curly hair. If you are trying to hide behind a tree you need to remember that your hair can “see” beyond your eyes!

  1. ”Curls” are a keyword for flirting

Beautiful rich curls are not the most common thing to see around. As a result, when people see curls they have a hard time looking further. It has become a common thing to walk around and get compliments from strangers on my hair. I thought that was nice of them. Compliments are always welcome and positive affirmation definitely makes me feel better. At some point someone told me that they were simply flirting with me. That’s not always the case, but oftentimes when your curls are in full bloom and they emphatically compliment on your hair, think twice before you engage in the talking.


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