Dressing for Work can be Fun

Dressing up for work sometimes becomes boring and repetitive. When I was in college I was looking at young professional girls wearing skirt suits and high-heels and I was dreaming of the day that I would have a job were I could dress up fancy and it wouldn’t look out of place. Now I am in that place; at  my job the attire is professional. No jeans and t-shirts. Over here they say: “the grass is always greener on the other side”, and now I get it. I wish things were more open for self-expression and I wish I could wear y jeans at work and style them the way I wanted. You know me, I am not a “jeans and t-shirt”  type of gal; I would style my skinny jeans super fancy for the office if only I was allowed to.

I had fun that day because I let myself be creative from the moment I started my day.



Another big reality check moment was when I realized how hard it is to find comfortable fashionable office clothes that are within my budget. It is so hard. I believe that I am getting there and not in the budget sense but in finding my personal style when dressing for the office. Some days, I wake up and I want to let my self be me even if that’s on the borderline to what’s considered appropriate.

I put on my mom’s vintage silk scarf, my new leather a-line skirt and my most comfortable city-ankle-boots. It would look much more professional if I would top this with a blazer but I since I am not walking around with my jacket on at work, I can put on my bicker’s leather jacket. I know that the high-socks are probably the cutest element in this outfit but really, to me, what makes it unique is how it combines the preppy with the rock style. I had fun that day because I let myself be creative from the moment I started my day. It is good to switch the monochromatic office outfits to something more playful from time to time.

You try that and see how good it feels!



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