My Neighborhood

Lake Merritt in Oakland is literally my front yard.

On warm Spring days strolling around the lake is such a bliss! Lot’s of greenery and the water element all around, music, people picnic-ing, playing and hanging out. It makes me to want to go out and enjoy the positive vibes and the serenity of the scenery.

Today was such a day.

I walked by the lake with my new favorite bag that Regina brought me from Mexico and my all time classic hat that makes me look wired but is priceless. This hat I got almost 7 years ago on my first trip to Santa Barbara. In summer I most of the time pull my hair up and can’t stand the sun. This straw hat protects so well from the can “fit” my big hair.

The  bag I love! Regina sent it to me a few weeks ago from a coastal Village in Mexico and it is handmade by locals. Not only do I love the classic style and the artisanal element but it is also extremely practical. It fits so much more than it looks like. It is almost like a big box! After a few minutes walking around I took off my sweater and I put it in the bag along with some groceries and my DSL camera. Go figure!

I don’t know if I have mentioned this but I don’t own any sweatpants. What you see the closest I have to sweatpants. These cropped pants are super comfy stretch cotton pants that are practically my “easy wear” pants.

I hope there is good weather wherever you guys are reading this from and that you seize the opportunity to go out on a good day and enjoy the Spring!



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