A Prelude to Spring

As I am getting ready to fly off to warmer places I can’t stop thinking about my last post before I start telling you all about my trip to Greece. Out of all the topics I can think of, Florals is what obsesses me the most! Not only is a hot trend this spring but it is also a classic.

Flowers bring good energy

To me, it is also the best way to welcome Spring in our lives. What better way to be in sync with the season than wearing it. And when I speak about floral patterns and flowers I mean the little ones that remind you of a garden or a field; not the big exotic ones that go more with summer. If you think that flowers are too girly I might agree with you. Especially, they ones I picked for you below are quite girly and that is being determined primarily by the pastel colors and the loose and breezy patterns.




To make it less girly you can match it with bolder and minimal accessories, sneakers and a denim jacket. A good tip is to remember that the looser the pattern the trickier it gets to match it with pumps. Ankle boots and sandals are the best bet for a coherent styling. If the pattern of the dress is more structured like the one below, then it is easier to match it with pumps.

You can read more on how to style a floral dress in one of my previous posts.


Another good tip to keep in mind when it comes to floral patterns is be mindful of the size of the flower patterns. The bigger the are the bigger statement you are making and the smaller they are the more discreet it gets. When the patterns are big the overall focus is on the patterns and not the accessories or the face. If you like to show your make up or hairstyle or accessories, or you feel more comfortable when your outfit is not the center of attention, go with smaller patterns.

In any case, if you like flowers like I do, don’t hesitate to wear them. I am thinking to make a flower crown for my head while I am in Greece. Flowers bring good energy.

Think about it..


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