Mom Jeans are Back

Have you noticed how hard it is to find a pair of jeans to fall in love with? To care and wear for as long as you live? And we are simply talking for a pair of jeans – not the love of you life. At school, jeans were my every-day go to pants. Our bodies are not quite yet fully shaped at that age and that makes it easier for jeans to fit. But when we grow older and we develop a certain figure and a lifestyle finding the right pair of jeans can be challenging.


I don’t want to sound too optimistic but I think I found my long-lasting pair of jeans! I got my first Mom Jeans when I was 12 and I wore them until they were worn out. I remember how weird the feeling of the high-waist jeans was on my body; it took me sometime to get used to it. The great thing with Mom Jeans is that they flatter the waist and body figure and are super comfy. And I think I found them this time at Urban Outfitters. They are a little stretchy, not too dark and not too washed out and they don’t bulk too much on the stomach.


The downsides of the Mom Jeans are that it makes your bottom look much flatter when looking at your body from the side, and your tummy look fuller. And that’s the side effect of those jeans. If your bottom is bigger than your belly then it would look awesome! In my case it does make my belly look bigger but I don’t mind so much. It does give a nice curvy hourglass effect. Now be careful when shopping Mom Jeans. You need the ones that are as slimmer on the thighs as possible and they need to be a little cropped. Definitely not under your ankles. When you ankles are visible  and the jeans are not too wide on the thighs you get the best hourglass flattering effect!


When I shop for jeans these are the things I care about:

Flattering my body shape: If I was shopping for a comfy pair of jeans or a trendy one and didn’t care about how it fits me it would be the easiest job! I want my jeans to flatter my waist and curves and not shorten my legs. If I was getting a boyfriend jean it would make my legs seems shorter and if it was skinny jeans my legs might seem less curvy and I wouldn’t like that.  These Mom Jeans are on the stretchier end and that’s why they are not so wide and they are flatter on the belly.


Not too trendy: I generally don’t buy very trendy jeans. I try to stay away from the ripped ones; I feel that they go only with a certain style of outfit. Mom Jeans are indeed one of the trends right now but it’s a classic one. So if it fits your body shape this is the time to purchase it as you can find a plethora of this style of jeans that best fit you.


Softness and comfort: Finding a comfortable pair of jeans is the hardest part for me. Typically skinny jeans make me feel like suffocating, low-waist  ones irritate me on the waist right under my belly button when I sit and often times they are tight on the waist and bulky on the thighs. These are my own issues! These Mom jeans felt like the perfect fit from the very first time I put them on. I can go on long trips sitting on those without feeling uncomfortable and they are so soft that if feels great!

Do you have your own pair of Mom Jeans? I would love to see it on you!









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