What to Pack for a 3-Day Trip at the Beach

IMG_8588 2

Disclaimer: I am writing this post as I fly over California heading to San Jose Del Cabo in Mexico. I think I packed wisely but this is only my first time in Cabo!

Because I am traveling only for a weekend I want to optimize my travel “overhead” as much as possible. The point of a quick getaway is to rest, relax and escape. The bigger dose you get the better. My success plan for this trip is to save time from less enjoyable things such as long checkin lines at the airport, security controls, and missing key items on the trip. Here’s how I pack for a stress free weekend getaway.

  1. Carry on luggage only

A carry on suitcase or backpack should be more than enough for three days. Count the nights you’d be going out and that’s just two outfits. The third one should be something for the beach and the fourth is they one you are traveling on. We sometimes get excited and want to have options on the outfits but trust me on this; it is wasted time and space and muscle strength (which I have none to waste) to be lifting a heavy bag with unnecessary stuff. A casual outfit, a beach outfit and a fancier one should be more that enough!


2. Phone and Laptop chargers

I don’t know if you’ll be taking work with you – like I do – but I am sure you will at least need to have your phone with you. Make sure you check online for power outlet compatibility in the country you are traveling to. For worst case scenarios I like to take with me a portable phone charger. It really helps when you spend most of the day outside and you like to take lots of pictures with your phone 🙂

3. Skincare

Maybe skincare is the last think that comes to your mind when dreaming of a tropical beach and being in the water for most of the day. I used to be that person. I changed after 22. Applying a good moisturizer, toner and eye cream to your face after a long hot day at the beach feels like drinking a cold lemonade after a full hot day under the sun. And of course you know you can’t “survive” without any sunscreen. If you know me you know I’m the sunscreen freak pushing my friends to use some of my sunscreen and pep-talking them on sun overexposure dangers.


4. Hat

A big straw hat will make you feel as if you are under a breezy shade at all times. It has to be natural though. It’s not always easy to find a good hat, that fits properly and looks good on you. It is a necessity when you are on the beach and I would rather spend a few extra moments on the beach rather than on hat shopping – wouldn’t you?


5. Swimsuit

This is my favorite part. Swimsuits don’t take too much space and they are what you end up wearing most of the time. Don’t overthink on swimsuits. Get two or three pairs and have fun with it.


6. Goggles

I like to use my goggles for snorkeling. They take much less space than a snorkel mask and I prefer them because they are lighter. When I need to dive in I just hold my nose for the first few seconds and then you can see under water! Again, if you have found your favorite goggles or diving mask it’s worth saving the money and time to go shopping on your trip.

7. Sandals

When it’s hot outside you just need your sandals. The discomfort you get from closed up shoes even if they are canvas made is intense. Disclaimer: when I say sandals I don’t mean flip-flops. Sandals are shoes with lots of holes all around. This time I picked a pair of sandals with just one stripe so that I save time taking them off and putting them back on for the security control at the airport.

clarks-tustin-sahara-off-white-leather-womens-sandals8. Something to keep you warm

Even if the destination is expected to be hot, you might need a light sweater or a denim jacket for the flight, the hotel or a cooler night out.

9. A pair of shorts

I love sun-dresses and they are my most comfortable garment for a summer vacation. However, when things get more rough nothing feels better than my old classic denim shorts. Be it a horse back riding adventure, a hiking mini trip or a place where seating doesn’t seem very appealing.


10. A book

A little down time can be good sometimes. If you want to extend your relaxation a book would really help you forget about your own world and dream away with the sound of the waves by your side. After all, how many hours of water sports or swimming can you handle? Laying on a long chair under the shade and on the beach, reading a nice fiction book can slow your heartbeat pace and soothe your spirit. If you are lucky enough you will fall asleep right there, on the beach!


Uh, I can’t wait to get there. Cabo here I come!


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