San Jose Del Cabo – Mexico

This summer I chose work instead of vacation. For the first time I found a job that is more fulfilling and intriguing than the idea of a Greek beach and long days in crispy clear waters. For those of you who have been following me for a sometime you know how addicted I am to the sun, the heat, and the sea. To compensate on those I make sure I get a taste of summer fun during my weekends.


San Jose Del Cabo offers a generous amount of sun, heat and sea, on top of being such a quick flight from San Francisco and a place I always wanted to visit. I am a big fan of Mexican food, culture and and music. We flew on a Friday morning and we spent 3 amazing days of laying by the beach all day and falling asleep to the sound of the waves. We tried as many new dishes as our bellies could fit and we scheduled zero activities throughout our days.

This is where we spent our days, between the ocean and the pool. Thankfully, our hotel wasn’t so “fun” and most residents were spending their time elsewhere 🙂

Our optimal for this trip was to make those 3 days feel like 5 even though we took some work with us! It’s funny how things change and how easily we get adjusted. Despite bringing work with me and despite the limited time, it was a huge break to recuperate and get a good dose of summer that will keep me going for the next few weeks.

I was so impressed by these palm leaves roofs! 
Our room, by the ocean and decorated with pictures of succulents. 
Favorite place to hang out, read my book and gaze at the ocean. 


Happy faces after a day at the beach 
Churros made the real way!
Molcajete is a revelation in every bite – no joke! 

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