Summer Camp by the River


Summer is not over till it’s over. When the city gets foggy in August the inlands are warm and summery! My plan for the weekends is “go where summer is”! Just a couple of hours away from home and we land to a mini heaven. Russian River is a summer land for many city folks and that weekend it was our playground as well!


Friday night after work we hit the road with Adonis and our friends Dimitris and Vicky and even though Dimitris (our driver) had the GPS set the team chose to trust in me on the directions. An hour later we realized that we were heading to the wrong way. Nobody was paying attention on the road, not even the driver! Even though we got 30′ out of our way we didn’t learn from our mistake and we missed a couple of other freeway exits along the way. It was hilarious! We made it to the camp and it was pure dark. We set the tents and started a fire. We could see the stars and the moon and that’s when we knew we were far, far from the city. Such a relief.


I woke up to the sounds of the birds and the smoke of the last pieces of burning logs from the previous night and soon after we found ourselves on the river shore burning our pale skins under the sun. The day wasn’t a warm as expected because there was tiny breeze. However, we didn’t let that stop us from jumping in the waters and swimming down the river. Swimming in the river is definitely more strenuous than swimming in the sea or the pool. Not only there is zero floatation due to lack of saltiness in the waters but there is also  some current that makes it even harder to swim against it.


After a few hours swimming and sun bathing we headed in Guerneville for some pice and Ice Cream! This chilly pecan pie tasted so good despite the foam that the rest of the pies I couldn’t eat created to me.


Adonis loves grilling, and when in the nature simple food tastes delicious even if it’s cheap ingredients or half-cooked. When we go camping we don’t like carrying a lot of gear and supplies with us. Some sausages and bread is all we needed, and some grilled portobellos! And a good griller who enjoys burning himself in over the hot charcoals 🙂

Disclaimer: Many thanks to Dimitri and Vicky for sharing their awesome gear and food with us. I love some extra amenities and comfort when I don’t have to carry it. You guys are the best!


Our last goodbye to our camping gateway was glorious! Mouthwatering brunch at Willow Wood cafe in Graton. It is easier to leave from your carefree state of mind and go back to the life of responsibilities when you have a full and happy stomach!

Thank you Adoni, Dimitri and Vicky for the memorable weekend at the river!



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