San Diego Has it All


San Diego did not disappoint! Bright sun, hot sand, endless beaches, Mexican culture and vibrant nightlife. It is just a one hour flight from San Francisco and the first thing I noticed when I came out of the airport was the ocean breeze and summery humid air. And that’s exactly what gets me in the mood for a laid back vacation. Not to mention that they sky was lit up with fireworks on our way to the hotel – couldn’t have asked for a better welcome!

We only had three days to spend but given that we had zero plans and no car, it felt like we doubled our time there. I am addicted to the water element. I live right next to a lake and I grew up by the sea. It calms me down and take all my anxieties away. San Diego is notorious for the beach culture and that’s why we wanted to give it a shot. The moment we landed to the first beach – Pacific Beach, I could feel the vibes! People were so laid back, hanging out on the beach with friends, playing with the waves and building sand castles! It felt good to see so much exposed skin, people laughing with their friends instead of working on their laptops and children playing with the sand instead of their iPads.


Day 1, after spending a few hours under the sun and playing with the waves, I put on my autnie’s black jumpsuit straight from the 80’s and matched it with these vintage statement gold earrings and was ready to explore San Diego by night! The locals suggested the Gaslamp neighborhood and we always trust the locals 🙂 Gaslamp is possibly the closest to Greece’s nightlife I’ve come across in the US. Several blocks with restaurants, bars, clubs and outside seating, full of people walking by at end dinning until late night. It’s not just tourists, it’s college students and locals as well. It felt very familiar to me along with the fact that it was a nice warm night. The second night we went to Gaslamp again!


In places like that I end up spending less just because I enjoy walking down the streets more than actually sitting. It took us quite some of waking until we decided to sit somewhere. We first got some ice-cream and them we walked more. It was a little before midnight when we decided to sit for a drink. We picked an outside seating spot of course so that we can enjoy some people watching! When it was about time for the bar to close for the night we walked a little more and we stepped into a club for a few minutes of fun dancing. No lines, no fees to enter. Just walked in and started dancing! That’s what I call “normal”. Waiting on a line and paying to get into a club is way to much commitment and high risk of disappointment for me.


Our last day we spent it at the Old Town of San Diego. We didn’t know it existed and when I looked up ideas for places to hang out in San Diego the beaches and the Zoo as well as the Seaworld were the “must see” things. We opted on those because we don’t enjoy being entertained by enslaved animals and we asked the locals for some real authentic Mexican food. That’s how we ended up in San Diego Old Town. We were expecting something less touristy and low key but our Lyft driver took us to the heart of tourism. Not that it was bad. It was the king of tourism we enjoy I guess: no lines, no entrance fees and good food! The Old town is a basically an old Mexican Village that looks both Colonial and Western. It’s like a living museum and you can walk around as much as you want, shop and dine as if you are part of a movie and that’s your movie set 🙂


For lunch we also took our Lyft driver’s recommendation. We went to this very old Mexican restaurant that also seems to us like it came out of the movies. You enter and the first thing you see if these adorable old ladies rolling and grilling tortillas! Handmade fresh tortillas is so much better than the regular ones. That’s how we left San Diego, with a little bit of sunburn, wet swimsuits in our suitcases, sand in our shoes and full bellies!



*** If you guys want any recommendations or you have recommendations for the next time I visit please comment below!! ***




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