How To Wear your Cropped Top in Fall


No matter how much I tried to push off fall it is inevitable that it’s here. Summer was practically non-excistant for me and I know I need to stop wining about it. So enough with my inner battle of giving up on summer. I know that many of you are so ready for the fall to begin. Fall is cozy, playful and creative. Think of how unpredictable the weather is, how some days remind you of summer and other of winter. You watch the leaves falling off the trees and you gradually start putting away your sandals and your light clothes. And my favorite part is when it’s time to add on the layers! Mix and matching clothes is one of my most creative parts of styling. As you may have noticed I like matching different patterns, textures and colors. Sometimes I like to dare my self and think outside the box, matching patterns and cuts that wouldn’t fit according to the styling “laws”. I like that challenge.


This outfit, isn’t so much along those lines. It’s a more classic outfit staying on the same color palettes and clean lines. I feel it’s too soon to give up on peep toe mules, yet it’s about time that I put my black pants on and my tom-boy shirt underneath my cropped top. As you can see, I’m really enjoying this time of the year and I can still wear my cropped top and my favorite mules but turning this into a warmer outfit according to the weather.

My inspiration for this outfit was a “lazy fancy” combo. I was going out for drinks but wasn’t in the mood for dressing up. So the base was all basic soft pants and men’s style shirt. To fancy it up I put the high heels and the cropped! The clutch is my mom’s old suede clutch that fits perfectly in tone and texture with my new retro mules. I feel so me and so comfortable being in this outfit.



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