On The Way To Mendocino


Driving North on Highway 1 is breathtaking! Our destination was Mendocino but little did we focus on reaching that. The main attraction to this trip was spending quality time with Panos and Myrto. We spent most of the time enjoying the ride, gazing at the scenic views and making stops along the way to feel the air and sank in the view.


We started the trip in Oakland on Saturday and we drove for most of the day going north on 101, driving through shaded narrow roads under the enormous Redwood trees until we reached the coast. There was a magical white fog moving in front of our own eyes like a vale allowing to see only just a glimpse of the sharp rocks along the coast.


We made our first stop in the Redwoods. Looking up to find the edge of the trees I felt so tiny in the magnificence of those living creatures! Under the trees everything was wet and quiet. We took a close look at the variety of mushrooms that lived under the trees and tested the eco in the forest.


On our way out of the woods we entered a dense cloud of fog and we could hear the sound of the waves. The benefits of driving North on Highway 1 is that it’s less crowded and the scenery might be a little more diverse than going south. There is something rough and peaceful about these cliffs and the ocean. It’s definitely humbling to feel the nature’s magnificence so profoundly.


If you’re headed that way you ought to stop by the Glass beach. Or not. It’s another beach but instead of sand there are tiny colorful glass pebbles. That used to be an old dump and the trashed bottle glasses are now a tourist attraction. I mostly enjoyed looking back to the view of the town!


Just before the sunset we reached Mendocino! We were lucky to witness an incredible sunset as the super moon was coming out on the other end of the horizon! Breathtaking indeed. I can’t say we spent much time or saw much in Mendocino and I also can’t say I regret that. It was so much fun living in the moment and making tons of stops at every single spot along the way, that I felt so full from this trip. We spent the night at a cute bed&breakfast by the ocean, falling asleep and waking up to the crushing sound of the waves. After mediating to the sound of the ocean we drove all the way back on Highway 1. Definitely enjoyed the journey!

Many thanks to Panos for always staying sober and driving us safely back home, to Myrto for laughing so loudly on my jokes and to Antoun for shooting with more jokes and pictures!







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