Last Minute Holiday Outfit


If you just realized that the Holidays are here and still trying to recover from the shock, don’t worry! You’re not the only one with a busy life and a casual wardrobe. No need to panic and go on a last minute shopping spree. Most of the times that doesn’t work. We end up spending on things that we don’t really need or they are our style. The reality is that no matter how much you have convinced yourself that there’s nothing in your closet for a holiday party, there’s always something you can pull.

You must have at least one of the following:

A sequin something 

Sequins are for the holidays. If you can find a sequin top, bottom, dress or shoes or whatever with sequins, you’re the winner! You’ve found all you need. Make up or no make up, high heels or flats, you don’t care. Sequins will do the job. You can breath now!



Something velvet

Velvet is definitely the texture of winter luxury. It’s a classic and this year is the trend! If you can find a velvet kimono, or top or dress, it will save the night. Just remember that velvet is a little extravagant and it’s best if you keep everything else on the style on a classic tone. For example, with this velvet skirt, you can just put on a white basic top and a pair or sandals or nude pumps.


A red something

Can you find a red scarf, lipstick, a red top or red shoes? Or anything red that you can put on? That definitely sets the tone for a holiday attired.



Something silk  

If you have nothing in your closet other than you silk undershirt or a vintage silk slip dress, you can easily pull off a super sexy and effortless festive outfit. This is a little trickier though. You need to keep it minimal and as natural as it gets. No tights, no “noisy” shoes or jewelry and flawless makeup.



A little black dress 

If you have none of the above, a black dress is always the safe way to go on a party. You can  upgrade the outfit with a more festive makeup, or some gems or statement jewelry. Opt for sheer or no tights and your best pumps or fancy sandals!


And if you insist there’s none of the above in your closet, click on the pictures and you’ll be prompted to the shopping links!

Happy Holidays and Happy Partying!


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