The Red Sweater

In contrast to last year’s “all white” obsession, this winter would be unbearable without vibrant colors. It’s been quite the european winter around Northern California with non-stop rainy days and East Coast-like cold. It took some long heavy rain weeks and literally tons of snow to officially take the legendary 5 year California drought out of the picture. I can’t forget that day in the car crossing the Bay Bridge during my daily commute to work when the guy on the radio goes: “The 5 year drought is over! We are back to normal”. I think that gave me a mini morning wake up stroke! The past 6 years I’ve lived in California has been all a big fat climate lie? Was the mild winters and endless sunny days abnormal?


My main consolation to this heavily depressing weather and it’s  byproducts (aka impossible photoshoot weather et. al) has been this red sweater and the poor farmers who were water deprived! Having only negative childhood memories from itchy or extremely warm and sweaty sweaters I opted for a non-sweater wardrobe here in California. It was such a relief to get rid of all my sweaters and brag about not needing them with the gorgeous Bay Area climate. Apparently that lasted only 5 years. This year it was so cold I had to look for a sweater and a “real” jacket.


I was on a quest for a cozy, soft and stylish sweater. I get so picky and obnoxious with sweaters. If it’s tight on the sleeves it gets so uncomfortable and when it’s too fluffy or made out of wool I suffocate. I get so irritated I want to rip it off!

On our last trip to Santa Barbara this past summer I tried on this gorgeous red sweater. It was still super warm and summery outside but this vibrant red color caught my attention from the store’s window. I tried it on and loved it. So soft, big beautiful sleeves and a semi-turtle neck line. This year sweaters are definitely one of the biggest trends and especially the oversized turtle neck ones. The deal-breaker with this one was that it’s semi-turtle neck which is a lot more flattering for my face shape, it has that old red European sophistication and it’s extremely soft! I thought it was too soon and too summery to justify buying a $$$ sweater. By Thanksgiving though, this was more of a necessity than a beautiful sweater that I wanted for my wardrobe. It was also on sale and so..I HAD to get it!



Ever since we have been best buddies. I style it with my mom-jeans, over my little summer dresses, with all of my skirts and dress pants. With or without a jacket! Sometimes I even like to sleep in it 🙂

Honestly, with a full-time day job and back to back rainy weekends it’s been so hard to find the right time and mood for a photoshoot. A couple of weeks ago the rain “gave up” and gave us a break so that we can sneak out for a walk around Lake Merritt. It was after a delicious comforting lunch at an Afghani restaurant near Oakland’s Chinatown. We were out the previous night eating bbq ribs and dancing to old blues; rice and kabobs were our go-to-place for the day after.



Another piece on this outfit that I love is the pair of white boots. I got so stocked when I found them! They are the ultimate 70’s “soul train”, groovy element in this outfit. The pants are an old pair of dress pants from H&M and the purse is a vintage Italian bag my mom gave me. I’m definitely in more groovy mood this year. I guess I need back the color in my life. I like this outfit because it has elements from the 70’s and 80’s and a little vintage character. Maybe for the first time I really enjoyed wearing a sweater almost half of my days in the year and I look forward to the Spring California days to lighten up a notch!

Stay cozy guys and gals!


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