Groove Is In The Heart

This song is setting the mood for this outfit! The A-line stripped dress with the flared sleeves and the white pleather boots with the wooded heel detail, instantly throw me back to the groovy 70’s. So much vibrancy, optimism and revolutionary vibes!
What i like about the 70’s is how more minimal clothes were, more lightweight and yet flattering almost every body type. The 70’s was the era where it was ok for girls to look natural, flat chested, freckled, and unpolished. The focus was on the oversized shoes, the colorful fabrics and the shinny vinyls. Women could go for the androgynous style and wear their boyfriend’s bell pants and wide collar shirts or wear the A-line dresses that looked more like longer shirts.

Even though I love how theatrical the 70’s outfits are it’s not necessarily what looks best on me. The flared pants would look better to a taller and more slender body. I am generally sticking to my pencil or  cropped pants. Also, the A-line dresses are not my go-to line; I have narrower shoulders and A-line would make my shoulders look even more narrow and probably make my hips look bigger. There’s nothing wrong with narrow shoulders or wide hips, other than that in this case it wouldn’t resemble my body in the most flattering way. That’s why I tend to go for high-waisted dresses or sheath ones.
I couldn’t resist to this dress though, and despite my natural urge to put a belt on it and highlight my waistline, I embraced the look wholesomely. This dress is so classy and yet so comfortable. Feels like wearing your oversized T-shirt in terms of how comfortably you can move around. The flared sleeves though is what I can’t get enough of. I keep playing with the sleeves and moving my hands around, feeling almost like my butterfly costume in 1st grade’s summer play.
This outfit came along gradually. First, I found the awesome vinyl boots somewhere around winter time when you typically don’t buy white pleather staff. I could see where this was going though and the price tag made it so easy to me. These boots were my fetish this entire season. I want to match them with almost any one of my outfits! The fact that they are white and closer to my skin tone, as well as being at 1/3 calf high, makes my legs look longer – or at least that’s what it looks to me. Plus, they are so steady and comfy that I don’t have to think twice.
Only two pieces and my mom’s vintage Dior bag make my favorite and most frequent spring outfit. Sometimes with a jacket and sometimes without, day or night, sunglasses or not, I wish there were more occasions to wear it!
Happy Spring y’all!

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