On The Way To Mendocino


Driving North on Highway 1 is breathtaking! Our destination was Mendocino but little did we focus on reaching that. The main attraction to this trip was spending quality time with Panos and Myrto. We spent most of the time enjoying the ride, gazing at the scenic views and making stops along the way to feel the air and sank in the view.

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San Diego Has it All


San Diego did not disappoint! Bright sun, hot sand, endless beaches, Mexican culture and vibrant nightlife. It is just a one hour flight from San Francisco and the first thing I noticed when I came out of the airport was the ocean breeze and summery humid air. And that’s exactly what gets me in the mood for a laid back vacation. Not to mention that they sky was lit up with fireworks on our way to the hotel – couldn’t have asked for a better welcome!

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San Jose Del Cabo – Mexico

This summer I chose work instead of vacation. For the first time I found a job that is more fulfilling and intriguing than the idea of a Greek beach and long days in crispy clear waters. For those of you who have been following me for a sometime you know how addicted I am to the sun, the heat, and the sea. To compensate on those I make sure I get a taste of summer fun during my weekends.


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What to Pack for a 3-Day Trip at the Beach

IMG_8588 2

Disclaimer: I am writing this post as I fly over California heading to San Jose Del Cabo in Mexico. I think I packed wisely but this is only my first time in Cabo!

Because I am traveling only for a weekend I want to optimize my travel “overhead” as much as possible. The point of a quick getaway is to rest, relax and escape. The bigger dose you get the better. My success plan for this trip is to save time from less enjoyable things such as long checkin lines at the airport, security controls, and missing key items on the trip. Here’s how I pack for a stress free weekend getaway.

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