On The Way To Mendocino


Driving North on Highway 1 is breathtaking! Our destination was Mendocino but little did we focus on reaching that. The main attraction to this trip was spending quality time with Panos and Myrto. We spent most of the time enjoying the ride, gazing at the scenic views and making stops along the way to feel the air and sank in the view.

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How To Wear your Cropped Top in Fall


No matter how much I tried to push off fall it is inevitable that it’s here. Summer was practically non-excistant for me and I know I need to stop wining about it. So enough with my inner battle of giving up on summer. I know that many of you are so ready for the fall to begin. Fall is cozy, playful and creative. Think of how unpredictable the weather is, how some days remind you of summer and other of winter. You watch the leaves falling off the trees and you gradually start putting away your sandals and your light clothes. And my favorite part is when it’s time to add on the layers! Mix and matching clothes is one of my most creative parts of styling. As you may have noticed I like matching different patterns, textures and colors. Sometimes I like to dare my self and think outside the box, matching patterns and cuts that wouldn’t fit according to the styling “laws”. I like that challenge.

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San Diego Has it All


San Diego did not disappoint! Bright sun, hot sand, endless beaches, Mexican culture and vibrant nightlife. It is just a one hour flight from San Francisco and the first thing I noticed when I came out of the airport was the ocean breeze and summery humid air. And that’s exactly what gets me in the mood for a laid back vacation. Not to mention that they sky was lit up with fireworks on our way to the hotel – couldn’t have asked for a better welcome!

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Summer Camp by the River


Summer is not over till it’s over. When the city gets foggy in August the inlands are warm and summery! My plan for the weekends is “go where summer is”! Just a couple of hours away from home and we land to a mini heaven. Russian River is a summer land for many city folks and that weekend it was our playground as well!

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